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Mission Statement
Northeastern Elementary School staff will teach our students to be responsible, respectful, and life-long learners.

Vision Statement
The Northeastern staff strives to become an exemplary learning community by fostering each child's academic growth and character development. We commit to a culture for learning in which staff, parents, and students have a shared responsibility in education. Through a collaborative approach, we will improve instruction while using technology effectively.

Northeastern Elementary School Values
1. We will maintain a positive school culture and environment through dedication, enthusiasm and open-mindedness by:
   ■ using established routines in all facets of the school
   ■ speaking with a positive tone of voice - no negativity
   ■ not using sarcasm towards staff and/or students
   ■ allowing for mistakes

2. We will be committed to having high academic standards for all students by:
   ■ teaching required grade-level curriculum
   ■ using frequent checks for understanding and using those results for re-teaching and enrichment
   ■ implementing research-based best teaching practices with well executed routines
   ■ consistently using building-wide initiatives in all classrooms (math facts, reading logs, etc.)

3. We will be a collaborative staff by:
   ■ consistently meeting in and between grade-levels as well as with specials teachers
   ■ using current and relevant data to drive grade-level discussions and lesson development